DIA – Denver Airport

Green Ride Boulder is assigned its drop-off at DIA on the west side of the main terminal between Doors 510 and 512 on the 5th level-the security level. While this spot is directly in front of United Airlines, it is a location that is central to most ticket counters.

Ticket counters are located on the 6th level so use the up escalators directly inside the doors.

The international counters are immediately to the left when you exit the escalator. The Domestic counters are directly across the terminal about 60 yards.

How it works

For those unfamiliar with DIA, departures work this way:

With boarding passes and carry on luggage, everybody must proceed through security at the north and south ends of the main terminal, Level 5. If you look up you will see that the terminal is well signed for a giraffe but you’ll get used to it.

If you need to check in luggage, the airline counters are on the East and West sides of the 6th level.

International airline counters are on the West Side (red signs) and domestic airline counters are on the East Side (blue signs)

Note: there are plenty of Airport information volunteers all around the terminal. The white cowboy hat is the give away.

Denver Airport Security

Once you have boarding passes and your luggage is checked in, proceed to the security clearance.

Everybody goes through the same security lines. It looks crowded but TSA does a good job in staffing and lines usually move very quickly.

Security wait times are posted on the main page for DIA’s web site www.flydenver.com

After clearing security everyone gets on the concourse trains. Check your concourse before you get on the train. A is Frontier, B is only United. C is Southwest…but double check

Denver Airport Arrivals

Our outbound Shuttles from DIA load on Level 5 (Main Level/ Baggage Claim Level), between Doors 507 and 509, Island 5, beneath the “Special Permit” signs. This is on the East (BLUE) side of the Terminal. Door 507 is next to baggage carousels #3. If you have a confirmed reservation, you may proceed directly to our loading area.

We encourage reservations for our outbound service. Please arrive at our boarding area at twenty five (:25) minutes after the hour to prepare for boarding. The GRB shuttle departs hourly at :35 minutes after the hour. We have a booth located inside the Terminal on Level 5 to provide walk-up ticketing or assist you in any capacity.

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