The Green Ride HUBS

It All Revolves Around our HUBS

Our Boulder and Longmont HUBS makes shared-ride easy.

Ride time: 1 Hour or less

Green Ride's Shared-Ride Airport Shuttle provides a low cost, environmentally-friendly, transportation service.

The ride between DEN (DIA) and our HUB's is always one hour or less. From our HUB's we ask that you arrive at :15, we then load at :20 and depart at :25 after each hour. Arrival at DEN is between :15 and :25. Conversely we load at DEN at :30 and depart at :35 arriving at our HUB in 1 hour or less.

You can get dropped off or picked up at the HUB and save $$ vs our residential rates

When we pick you up at a residence using our HUB & Spoke model, we may transfer you to a larger vehicle at the HUB

Between our HUB and the Airport, you always know what you get

Our service is always 1 hour or less between our HUB's and DEN (DIA)

We always use the E-470 Toll Road

Hourly service

Walk-in ticket purchases for current or future rides

Our least expensive shared-ride fare

Comfortable waiting area with Mid-Mod decor

You can “Kiss Good Bye & Ride” or “Ride & Hug Hello at our HUB

Saving someone 2 hours of driving, $21 of road tolls and all that gas, traffic, and hassle Remember: Time is a resource too

We offer complimentary bottled water and morning coffee

Luggage Scale

Complimentary luggage tags

Cell phone charging station

Mini-Library: Take-it or Leave-it book exchange

The Weather Channel

Ask us about current security wait times at DEN

On-Time Arrival Guarantee*

Green Ride HUB Location

The HUB is conveniently located in the south part of Boulder City Limits in the Meadows at the Parkway Shopping Center, 4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder CO 80303. We are south of Baseline Rd between Mohawk and the Foothills Parkway.

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